Pet Magic, medical woundcare for Pets with UMF15+ Active Manuka honey

Pet Magic, medical woundcare for Pets with UMF15+ Active Manuka honey
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A natural skin treatment cream with Active Manuka honey for pets. For minor cuts, abrasions, wounds and skin irritations. 100% Natural!

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Pet Magic, medical woundcare with UMF15+ Active Manuka honey.     *Scientifically proven to decrease wounds by 79%*

Pet Magic was specifically designed for the use on your Pets both large and small by our expert skincare designers. Using UMF 15+ Manuka Honey as the key ingredients, this unique recipe aids in the treatment of a variety of your Pets minor skin conditions including minor cuts or wounds, bites from insects or animals, grazes and other skin irritations or inflammation.

*100% natural with no artificial nasties

How to use
Apply the Pet Magic cream directly onto the area your Pet is requiring care, ensuring the wound site is clean first, normally no dressing is required. Apply twice daily or more frequently if needed. For areas that your Pet has skin damage or irritation i.e rashes, eczema, repeated applications of Pet Magic will help protect and soothe the skin preventing tearing and reducing scarring. Pet Magic can be applied to a dressing if needed.

Recommended for
We recommend Pet Magic for all your pets that have skin irritations, wounds, sunburn, ulcers, rashes and skin lacerations. 

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Elisabeth - 16-06-2021 12:16

De zalf helpt wel de plekken worden minder. Maar ja, een kat likt zo snel mogelijk de plek schoon. Hopelijk blijft er toch nog iets achter. De levering was oké. Volgende dag in huis.

Anonymous - 31-05-2021 12:06

Super goed

Anonymous - 13-04-2021 19:22

Bevalt goed.

Silvia Mus - 11-04-2021 18:14

Super goed na veel kosten dij de dierenarts is er nu iets wat echt helpt